Supervisor: John Sample

NRL Stennis Space Center

I worked with Dr. John Sample and Dr. Elias Ioup on tile-based geospatial information systems, creating an online tile-based mapping system. I began working in the Naval Research Laboratory at the Stennis Space Center as a computer programmer during the summer of my sophomore year in high school and continued there for four summers. When I began this internship, I had very little experience. My only programming experience was from my FIRST robotics team. I worked with the lab’s principal investigator, John Sample, and a graduate student, Elias Ioup, on his graduate thesis of tile-based geospatial information systems. This work developed the theory and implemented a tile-based online mapping system. Because of the increased loading speed and improved usability, tile-based systems have become the new standard for online mapping. Anyone who has searched for a location using Google, Yahoo or Microsoft's online maps has interacted with a tile-based system. When a searcher's Internet speed is slower, he may notice a square of the map takes longer to load; the square is a tile. Each map tile loads simultaneously; if tiles were not used, the searcher would be forced to wait for one large image to load every last byte of data. My contribution to this project was involved the creation of a website which implemented Dr. Sample and Ioup’s tile-based system which would be used by the Department of Defense as a mapping platform.

Geospatial Tiling